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Foundation for Education and Development(FED) is a public charitable trust established by five renowned educationists in the year 2000. In June 2001, FED started its field programme, Doosra Dashak, which literally means the second decade.  

The programme started with financial support from the Tata Education Trust in two blocks of Rajasthan, namely Bap and Kishanganj in Jodhpur and Baran districts respectively. It is has been implemented in 1004 revenue villages of 193 panchayats in 9 blocks of 7 districts of Rajasthan. Over the years, we have worked intensively with 79263 adolescents.

FED is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising eminent academicians, administrators, and educationists. The Board of Trustees of FED has constituted an Executive Committee for management of the Doosra Dashak project and has delegated to it full administrative and financial powers with regard to Doosra Dashak . The Managing Trustee of the FED is also the chair of the Executive Committee and is responsible for policy and programmes.

How We Work

Organisation work
DD is decentralised, community-based, process-oriented and participative project. It provides a value based, life skills oriented education to harness the leadership potential of youth and women for social transformation. DD looks at innovative ways to address the ever changing needs of young people, especially women and the underprivileged section in the most remote and backward rural areas of Rajasthan. (Download Doosra Dashak Process Book)
The approach and strategies of DD include:
  • Community mobilization (e.g. social mapping and micro planning)
  • Four months residential camps for holistic education and functional literacy.
  • Continuing Education for lifelong learning (e.g. - Ikhvelo and VLCs)
  • Life skills education
  • Building community organizations for sustainable development (e.g. youth groups and mahila samoohs)
  • Improving service delivery of welfare schemes and development projects.
Thematic Area of Organisation work in :
  • Adolescent Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Rights based issues
  • Education and Health 

Where We Work Doosra Dashak Project in implemented in 9 blocks of 7 districts of Rajasthan, covering 1004 villages of 193 Panchayats. The nine blocks differ in geographical conditions and are inhabited by diverse communities. Hence, implementation of the project takes into account the diversity and contextual.

Significant Impact

Organizational Achievements

FED has created a prototype for education and development for the poorest and most vulnerable communities. It has engaged with around 80,000 adolescents… Read More

Milestones Reached

Nationalwide recognition through awards and accolades – FED was one of the top three finalists in the Education category for the prestigious… Read More

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Projects of FED

Doosra Dashak Project

Doosra Dashak Project: DD projects are being implemented in 9 blocks since 2001. It is a decentralised, community-based, process-oriented and participative project. It provides… Read More

The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project: The Butterfly project is being implemented in Desuri block of Pali district from 2015  with the support of “The… Read More

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Our Stories

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  • Ms. Parsi Garasiya
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  • Sh. Lokesh Kumari Awasthi
    Sh. Lokesh Kumari Awasthi यह कहानी है लोकेश कुमार अवस्थी की जो की लक्ष्मंगढ़ ब्लॉक के एक छोटे से गाँव खुडीयाना का रहने वाला है |… Read More
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