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Residential camp adolescent Rani Bhil, Bap Block
14 years old Rani Bhil is living at rural Dahani ‘Jaimala Bhil’ with 12 siblings. She is youngest of all children in her family. Her father passed away when she was 6 month old. Rani dropped out from school in 2nd class due to poor financial conditions. She participated in a 4 month residential camp this year. She says—”I have learnt many things form other adolescents in the camp. Teachers teach me reading and writing. I learn English through game. I enjoy my math class very much. I have also learnt many facts about personal health and hygienic. Earlier I never brushed my teeth and bathed rarely. But after participating in this camp; I regularly brush my teeth and take bath daily.” She was selected as ward panch in the Camp and now she wants to continue her studies.
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