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  • To meet the basic learning needs of adolescents and enable them to relate learning to their life, work and environment;
  • To enhance critical awareness about the underlying causes of socio- economic and gender inequality so that they can understand their present situation and take measures to change it through the building of their organizations and positive interventions;
  • To equip them for adolescence and family life through improvement in their understanding of issues in health and making them aware of issues such as HIV/AIDS, Family Planning etc.;
  • To enhance their vocational and life skills;
  • To harness their energies for nation building through the creation of cadre who would provide educated, informed and responsible leadership;
  • To employ science and technology for improving the lives of the people and development of scientific temper.

DD beileves  -  Adolescents are not a homogeneous group. The situation and circumstances they are surrounded  shape and also get shaped by the opportunities that are available to them. These opportunities are determined by many variables which include their residential location; the educational level and educational status of their families; religious and cultural values both within the family and in the community; disability; ethnicity and gender.


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