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Trustees and Executives

The project is being implemented by Foundation for Education & Development, a public charitable trust registered in Delhi. The trustees of the Foundation are educationists, administrators, researchers and social workers. Their names are listed below'

Trustees of Foundation for Education and Development



Sh. Abhimanyu Singh, IAS (Retd.), (Former Education Secretary, Govt. of Raj.); Former Director, UNESCO, China)

Managing Trustee

Shri Rajendra Bhanawat, IAS (Retd.), ( Formaer Secetrary Rural Development, AH, G.O.R); Former Director Literacy & Continuing Education, Jaipur)


  • Prof. R. Govinda, former Vice Chancellor of National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi is a founder member of board of trustee of Foundation for Education Development (FED). Prof. Govinda has Chaired the Board (BoT) between 2012 to 2016. He is a permanent Trustee of FED. He is presently working as Distinguished Professor, in Council for Social Development (CSD), New Delhi.
  • Sh. Abhimanyu Singh, IAS (Retd.), former Education Secretary, (Govt. of Rajasthan); and Joint Secretary MHRD New Delhi; is the Chairperson of FED and a permanent Trustee on the Board since 30th April, 2016. He also remained Director and representative for East Asia covering China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea and North Korea, in UNESCO at Beijing office.
  • Sh. Rajendra Bhanawat, IAS (Retd.), Former Secretary Rural Development, Animal Husbandry; has worked on various important posts in Government of Rajasthan. He is the Managing Trustee of FED since 30th October, 2012. He has been awarded state merit by Government of Rajasthan and NLM-UNESCO award. He is the Chairmen, Executive Committee of DD.
  • Dr. Maitreyi Bordia Das is presently working as Global Lead for Social Inclusion in World Bank, based in Washington DC. Before joining the World Bank, Dr. Maitreyi was in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and acted on different posts including an Advisor, (Poverty & Gender) in UNDP, Guyana for 2 years. She is a permanent member of FED.
  • Ms. Ratna M. Sudarshan presently working as a National Fellow in NUEPA, New Delhi. Before this she was working as Director in the Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi. She participated as a GOI Nominee in the 11th and 12th Joint Review Mission of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, as a member of the National Resource Group, Mahila Samakhya. Ms. R Sudarshan is a member of the executive committee of Doosra Dashak since November 2012 and working as trustee of FED since 7th June, 2016.
  • Prof. Shantha Sinha is an internationally reputed anti-child labour activist. She is the founder of Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiya Foundation, popularly known as MV Foundation, and is a Professor in the Department of Political science in Hyderabad Central University. She headed the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights for two consecutive terms (6 years). Prof. Sinha has been taken on the BoT of FED on June, 2016.
  • Ms. Vrinda Sarup, IAS officer (Retd.) is Former Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy. She has been taken in the BoT of FED since 13th May, 2017. She has also worked as Joint Secretary and Director General of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in GOI and with the Ministry of Human Resource Development in the Department of School Education & Literacy.
  • Mr. Ajay Singh Mehta is the Chairman of Vidhya Bhawan Society, Udaipur (Rajasthan) and former Chief Executive in Seva Mandir. He has been taken on BoT of FED since 13.05.2017. He has also served as the Executive Director of the National Foundation for India for 10 years. He currently sits on the Rajasthan State Planning Board.
  • Sh. Ashok Kumar Bhandari, IPS (Retd.), had been rewarded by President of India for his distinguished service on various posts including, First Secretary, Indian High Commission (London), Special Secretary Jammu & Kashmir Affairs (New Delhi) and Administrative member, Central Administrative tribunal, etc. Sh. Bhandari has been taken on the BoT of FED on 10th May, 2012.

Executive Committee of Doosra Dashak


  • Shri Rajendra Bhanawat, IAS (Retd.), ( Formaer Secetrary Rural Development, AH, G.O.R); Former Director Literacy & Continuing Education, Jaipur)


  • Dr. Sharada Jain, (Secretary and Director, Sandhan, Jaipur)
  • Shri Abhimanyu Singh ,Retd. IAS (Former Education Secetary,Govt. of Raj.)
  • Ms. Abha Bhaiya, (Founder Director, Jagori, New Delhi)
  • Shri. Ashok Kumar Bhandari (IPS former Special Secretary Home, Jammu and Kashmir )
  • Ms. Ratna Sudarshan (National Fellow at NEUPA, Adviser, ISST, Delhi))
  • Ms. Dipta Bhog (Nirantar, New Delhi)

Member Secretary

  • Ms. Neelu Choudhary, Director, Doosra Dashak

Management of Doosra Dashak 

Project Directors, Field Units

Shri Vijay Meheta, Kishanganj (Baran)

Head Office: Bhanwargarh
Mobile No. : 9829519561, 9829519571

Shri Murari lal Thanvi, Bap (Jodhpur.) 

Head Office: Falodi
Phone No. : 02925‐224704
Mobile No. : 9414417694

Shri Prince Salim, Pisangan (Ajmer)

Phone No. : 0145‐2775169
Mobile No. : 9414003547

Arun Dixit, Bali (Pali.)

Phone No. : 02938-223583
Mobile No. : 09460440677

Ms. Rajni Sharma, Desuri (Pali)

Phone No. : 02934‐254724
Mobile No. : 9414563733

Ms. Sunita Sharma, Bassi (Jaipur)/Laxmangarh, (Alwar) 

Phone No. : 01429‐222617
Mobile No. : 9460294761

Shri Om Prakash Dwivedi, Pindwara (Sirohi )

Phone No. : 02971‐220243
Mobile No. : 9413121969

Shri Narsaram, Abu Road (Sirohi )

Phone No. : 02974‐221943
Mobile No. : 9829975707

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