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  • DD provides adolescents with basic literacy and age appropriate information on the process of growing up during adolescence. Through DD, FED provides the adolescents of 9 blocks in 7 districts of Rajasthan, youth and women with training on life skills, health, livelihood, governance, organizational development, participatory monitoring and evaluation, & record keeping. Prepared with these skills, some forums have started to register as formal organizations with the government 
  • More than 15000 adolescent persons have been provided training so far. A number of them have become active members of adolescent/youth forums. At least 900 participants are intensively trained and have the preparedness to work towards social change and can be characterized as 'cadre'. 
  • Nearly 1/3rd of the persons who completed their residential training entered the system of formal education.
  • The project has also been successful in translating adolescents' learning into community action through formation of forums at village and block level. Over the past years, 373 adolescent forums and about 326 women's groups have come into being. These forums have collectively addressed the issues of social relevance. An example of this being the movement for the liberation of bonded labourers which were spearheaded by the empowered members of the Jagrit Mahila Sangathan and Yuva Shakti Sangathan at Kishanganj block. 214 Sahariyas were freed from their bondage and given a new lease of life. 
  • The fact that 44 beneficiaries of Doosra Dashak project in 4 blocks were elected as Panch (40) and Sarpanch (4) in the Panchayat elections of 2010 speaks volumes about the model of empowerment. They are now working dedicatedly for the betterment of their communities. 
  • An invaluable component of Doosra Dashak Programme is the space it creates for the adolescents’ girls. In Bap and Laxmangarh blocks, populated by the Muslims and Meo community, the program has provided young women with a safe environment where they are able to laugh, share stories, and simply bond with one another
  • Having education as the mandate, DD is also supporting the implementation of Right to Education in Pisangan and some villages of Laxmangarh blocks by working on increasing the community participation for compliance of RTE Act.
  • Jagrit Mahila Sangathan and Yuva Shakti Sangathan in the Pindwara and Abu Road blocks, initiated a movement for voluntary prohibition of liquor. A population of 14,674 comprising 2303 families have benefited from the same. The ripple effects of the same can be seen in other blocks such as Bali, Desuri and Bassi.
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