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Working@ FED

Foundation for Education and Development has professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing in rich experience and value to the organization besides providing ongoing learning environment for younger employees. This trend ensures that the best learning from the development sectors come together.

We believe that an efficient workforce combined with the right motivation can achieve new organizational milestones. Committed to providing employees the right management direction, our HR policies facilitate personal and professional growth. It has been our constant endeavor to provide an amicable environment, focusing on high employee engagement and retention.

The Foundation firmly believes in an organizational culture which is based on mutual trust & respect that encourages cooperation & team work. High integrity standards & ethical practices offer a work environment that not only challenges the employees but also motivates them to perform at a level par excellence.

With the right guidance every individual has the capability to move to the next step.  FED follows a structured process of identifying talent within the organization and provides them appropriate opportunities to enable them to occupy future leadership positions.

FED offers a positive and productive work environment with employee friendly contemporary HR policies. Employees get exposure and challenging assignments besides ample opportunities to learn and grow. Having adapted some of the best practices followed at the FED, the Foundation is one of the preferred employers in the social development sector.

We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to hiring, developing and retaining the best of talent. 


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