The Story of Mrs.Noorbi Laxmangarh Block

Mrs. Noorbi aged 45, wife of Rahmat Khan, is the deputy sarpanch of Saurai village panchayat. She lives in Daulatpura village, 5 kms from Laxmangarh. She is a SMC member of Daulatpura’s state primary school. Doosra Dashak project organised several training programmes for the implementation of RTE Act. Noorbi attended the training programme for the PRI for the first time. Since then she has been closely following DD's SMC trainings and exposure visits. After joining the training programme, there was a transformational change in Noorbi's attitude and thought. 

Now Noorbi visits the schools of her area regularly and fearlessly discusses with the headmasters for organising monthly meetings of SMCs. She informs all the members about the meeting schedules and tells the women of the village, “Sisters, you should send your children to school every day. Today we are lagging behind in education.”



Noorbi attends SMC meetings and follows up with whatever decisions are being taken in the meeting. The Daulatpura primary school used to remain closed whenever any assignment given to the teachers was given by the department. Noorbi asked the teachers, why have you closed the school early. but all in vain. 


But she could not take this so lightly. She contacted Isaaq, team member of Doosra Dashak and shared the problems of the school. Noorbi apprised the SDM as well as the BEO about the shortage of teachers during the Prashashan Gaon Ke Sang camp and requested for appointment of additional teachers. BEO said that after induction of new teachers, two teachers will be appointed for the village. Today Daulatpura village has three teachers. This motivated Noorbi and she says to everyone, “Now send your children to school. There is no shortage of teachers.”


She picks children of villages on her way and takes them to school. She supervises the mid day meal programme of the school and apprises teachers if she finds any lacunae in it.


There is an encroachment in the school’s property. Noorbi announced in the SMC meeting that she will remove the encroachment first. But boundary wall should be made simultaneously, otherwise encroachment will happen again. Today, Noorbi tells women and mothers of the village, “You send your children to school and educate them. Noorbai visits the school daily and does her work with dedication.