The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project: The Butterfly project is being implemented in Desuri block of Pali district from 2015 with the support of “The Y.P. Foundation” (TYPF), New Delhi. This project provided evidence that investment in women & Girls empowerment can yield high social returns. The project focuses on empowering young girls and women from Tribal and Dalit backgrounds as Young Women Leaders (YWLs). It has mobilized 30 members of DD’s “Kishori” groups to create awareness about need to ensure gender equality and eliminate gender based violence within the community. The impact of the project is as follows:

  • Girls feel confident to voice their concerns and clarify their doubts about SRHR issues at the “safe spaces” created by the project.
  • They are developing digital messages for advocacy with decision makers on gender equality and have influenced 120 adolescent.
  • They have emerged as successful peer educators for menstrual hygiene.
  • Through positive communication they have challenged age old traditions i.e. staying isolated during menstruation period, not touching things in kitchen etc. They are now able to question the status quo, assertively face and resist healers who often exploit them in the guise of treatment.